Vision and Values

Imagine Ministries exists to tell children and families about Jesus through events and resources.

We host and facilitate ‘ALIVE Family Worship Events’ in arenas, theatres and public entertainment spaces anywhere in the UK, seeing children and families encountering Jesus, worshipping God together and having fun! 

We also create online and media-based resources that support children and families on their faith adventure and help to build discipleship in the home and at church. 

Since becoming a charity in 2018, we have seen hundreds of people decide to follow Jesus and modelled intergenerational worship in a way that churches and families can replicate.


More than half of Christians in the UK give their lives to Jesus before the age of 11, yet lots of churches find it hard to engage children and families in worship, and lots of parents don’t know where to start when it comes to discipling their kids. That’s where Imagine Ministries can help…

Since 2018 we have been putting our vision into action including putting on events at Worcester arena where children and families have decided to follow Jesus, developing the ALIVE Family Worship online resource hub, creating media and online resources, leading the Families Programme at Creation Fest, inspiring, equipping and training those working with children and families in local church settings, working alongside other organisations as we tell children and families about Jesus together and more…

We believe that God can use events and resources to create moments of encounter with Him that lead to transformed lives and a transformed generation!

Our Values

We Are Family

We love one another, assume the best of one another and highly value one another. We celebrate one another’s strengths and have grace for one another’s weaknesses, forgiving quickly and refusing to hold a grudge. We are inclusive, not exclusive. We bring challenge with a loving heart and help people to become everything they have been made to be.

We Have Fun

We make time for fun. We laugh! We eat food together regularly. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We make time for personal development and encourage a healthy work/life balance.

We Seek God

We listen to God’s voice first. We acknowledge His sovereignty and Lordship over our life and ministry. We read and study God’s word regularly, follow His teaching, practice repentance and seek to be more like Christ.

We Do Evangelism

We passionately share the good news of Jesus and invite young and old to respond to the gospel at every appropriate opportunity. We encourage people on their journey towards Jesus in the big and the small.

We Build Partnerships

We honour other projects, churches and organisations. We operate out of relationship, preferring covenant over convenience. We are generous with the resources God has given to us and delight in seeing others (people and projects) build on our ceilings.

We Think Fresh

We are trend setters… pioneers. We are not afraid to think outside the box and dream BIG. We are prophetic… leading the way, not following the crowd. We are prepared to take risks at God’s say so because we would rather try and fail than never try at all.

We Strive For Excellence

We believe that God deserves our best. Therefore, we don’t settle for mediocre. We strive for excellence, without being extravagant, and do what we do really well. We care deeply about communication, what we say and how we say it, and we stay true to our brand.

We Live With Integrity

We are honest, trustworthy and teachable with soft hearts that enable hard-working hands. We are loyal to each other and to the vision. We are, in private, who we are in public. We value character above gifting and hold our hands up when we get it wrong.

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